Transport z Niemiec do Polski Słowacki polski Czeski

Sawpol Katarzyna Sawków

tel. (52) 584 85 83
ul.Suponin 1
86-022 Dobrcz
woj. kujawsko-pomorskie
NIP 5542168448

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Sawpol - transport from Germany and the Czech Republic to Poland

We work on the market since 2004, and we provide all kinds of transport services, mainly in Poland and in countries throughout the European Union. We are the leaders in transport services from Germany to Poland and from Poland to Germany.
In addition, we realize shipping to and from countries such as France, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Romania. We also go to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also go to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cooperation with many subcontractors enables us to realize orders in short time, as well as adjusting to the individual needs of each client. During the cooperation each of you will receive permanent guardian and will be kept informed of the details of the shipment.

Transport from France, Switzerland and Belgium

We offer comprehensive machinery and parcels transport from Belgium, France, Switzerland and other European Union countries. We have many years of experience in transporting outside Polish borders which guarantees fast and safe transport of goods of different sizes. Transport from Belgium, France and Switzerland takes place according to the exact schedule what guarantees our customers timely deliveries.

We provide transport services Poland – Europe, Europe – Poland:

Czech Republic

We offer a comprehensive and efficient transport to and from the Czech Republic. Many years of experience and an extensive fleet enable us to execute orders on time and fully individually to the customer.


We organize transport of full loads, reaching the France always on time. We pick up goods on Polish territory and Europe, ensuring the best possible logistics of each order and thereby optimizing costs.


Organizing transport between Germany and Poland, we take care of everything for the customer. We pick up and load the cargo. We deliver it safely and take care of all formal issues related to the movement.


As logistics experts and experienced freight forwarders, we provide professional transport to Serbia. We monitor every package; we secure it and get to different places within the prescribed period.


We transport machinery, furniture and other loads to Switzerland and from that country to Poland quickly, efficiently and safely. We execute complex orders thanks to great forwarding capabilities.

Machinery transport

We have specialized vehicles, trolleys, lifts and hoists and so we are able to offer a comprehensive transportation machines efficiently and safely, implemented throughout Europe.